Vocal Ensemble



The Biwako Hall Vocal Ensemble is a select group of young vocalists that have been chosen through nationwide auditions on the basis of their abilities as opera singers.
In addition to in-house opera productions and regular concerts at the Biwako Hall, they engage in various activities including performing in regular concerts upon the request of orchestras across the nation.
The Biwako Hall Vocal Ensemble has been recognized for their strengths as an ensemble, born from being a permanent company, and their broad repertoire ranging from opera solos to sacred and choral music, in addition to the superior singing skills of the individual performers.
In the future, we hope to bring their inspired singing to overseas audiences as well as to audiences in Japan.
Please look out for the activities of the Biwako Hall Vocal Ensemble.

ryusuke numajili


Biwako Hall Vocal Ensemble
Supervisor: Ryusuke Numajiri (Artistic Director of Biwako Hall)
Conductor Emeritus: Nobuaki Tanaka
Conductor Laureate: Hideki Motoyama
Conductor: Shuji Okawa
Established: March 1998

Soprano: Ayano Kumagai, Aya Funakoshi, Chika Yamada, Noriko Wakisaka
Alto: Nao Abe, Airi Ueki, Chikako Fujii
Tenor: Kohei Taniguchi, Akio Tsutaya, Tatsuya Bando, Asahi Miyagi
Bass: Toshimasa Ichikawa, Yoshifumi Taira, Kaita Mishiro