Main Theatre

Sound dances and light sings

Featuring superb acoustic and lighting facilities, the Main Theatre is ideal for opera, ballet, and classical concerts.

The quadruple stage, the first in western Japan, adds more to splendid, original dramatic presentations. Setting the shell (moving concert shell) instantly turns the space into a concert hall with a rich and immediate acoustic.

  • 大ホール写真1のサムネイル
  • 大ホール写真2のサムネイル
  • 大ホール写真3のサムネイル
  • 大ホール写真4のサムネイル
  • 大ホール写真4のサムネイル

Seating Chart (PDF)


Stage width, 21.5m; height, 12.5-15.5m; depth (max.) 46m (main stage) 23m; 5 large elevator stages (main stage); 5 stage-left wagons; sliding stage with revolving stage (rear stage); 58 battens (main stage); moving concert shell; orchestra pit; 814 lighting control circuits; 188 direct circuits
Seating capacity 1.848 (incl. 4 wheelchair seats); family rooms: 2
Dressing rooms small, 7; medium, 5 large, 4; costume room; makeup room
Loading bay two 11-ton vehicles; one 4-ton vehicle.


Create imaginative atmosphere

Equipped with the latest facilities, the Theatre is reserved for dramas. dark tones achieve the maximum effect of lighting and acoustics are specially designed for speech to create a realistic atmosphere for performances. A forestage that has an orchestra pit makes the Theatre ideal for opera, musicals or ballet.


Stage width, 14.4m; height, 8.9m; depth, 21m; 116 stage traps (width, 16m;
depth, 11m); 39 battens (main stage); orchestra pit; 436 lighting circuits;
69 direct circuits
Seating capacity 804 (incl. 4 wheelchair seats); family rooms: 2
Dressing rooms small, 3; medium, 5 large, 1
Loading bay two 11-ton vehicles.

Ensemble Hall

Ensemble Hall for chamber music

Finished in hard wood such as cherry, the Ensemble Hall is designed for intimate performances of chamber music and so on.
Waving ceiling and curved walls provide ideal acoustics for bringing out subtleties of classical music.


Stage width, 11.5m; height, 8m; depth, 6m
Seating capacity 323
Dressing rooms small, 2; large, 1
Loading bay t4-ton vehicle.